We are the "Berger Bird Whistlers"

Horst and Tobias Berger from Zorneding (close to Munich):

We are the Berger Bird Whistlers - the original "Munich Bird Whistlers" present at every Octoberfest. You will find our booth close to the Bavaria statue.

Although we do have the smallest booth on the Wiesn (another name for Octoberfest), it is one of the most interesting ones.
Horst Berger
Our Bird Whistler Booth is an old family tradition - and I am having fun with this at every Octoberfest for over 30 years. I (Horst) have learned the old tradition of imitating birds from a guy called 'Bader Michl', who started his business at the Octoberfest shortly after the war and ran it for over 47 years. A couple of years ago I got great support from my son Tobias, who loves the little whistles and puts his heart and soul into the job.

Tobias Berger

The biggest reward while working out there at the Wiesn is when our visitors are having a great time at our booth and laugh and laugh and laugh!

Our bird whistlers are "home-made" (and certified by the Association for Technical Inspection; TÜV). They are made of a brass, wax paper and a membrane. The bird whistles are an old Bavarian tradition and it is worth while keeping the tradition alive, since everybody can imitate birds with them.

You need to place the whistle at the tip of your tongue (like with the first kiss!) and then press the tongue to your palate at the rear end of your teethes. Clench your teethes and say something like "shoe, shine or cheer" - and off you go!

Have Fun!