The History of the Bird Whistle

How the Bird Whistler got around the tiny little Whistle

Vogelpfeifer Michl Bader und Horst Berger

Already as a little boy Horst Berger strolled around Michael Bader's bird imitator booth at the Octoberfest. He was fascinated by the flair, jokes and joy-full atmosphere around his booth.

One day when he was older and was enjoying himself at the Octoberfest, vogelpfeifer Horst Berger he walked by the booth and realized that some lushes were rioting there and were trying to steel the old man's purse.
Immediately Horst went over to help out Michael Bader and together they were able to drive off the guys.

Michael Bader thanked Horst and gave him a bundle of whistles and the two of them became best friends. From this day onwards Horst helped out Michael at the booth ones in a while and Horst developed a great passion towards these tiny little whistles.

Hence in 1975 Horst had his first gig at the Octoberfest. Already at that time he was a bird whistler with all of his heart and soul. DMichael Bader realized this right away and when he turned older he told him:

"You are just my guy. You need to continue my business, with your jokes and style you captivate the audience to stop at the booth".

Michael Bader had his booth at the Octoberfest for 47 years and after he died Horst took his place as the bird whistler. His son Tobi is also fascinated by the little whistles.

That's why you can see the two of them at the booth nowadays during the Octoberfest. With this the family tradition is secured.