The Bird Whistle

The art of handling the "Candy"!

The bird whistle is a tiny little instrument, also known as nightingale- or palate whistle.

It consists of a wax boxboard, a metal ring and a membrane. The membrane is made out of ox gut, and thus very resistant.

The whistle is just 2.5 cm - and can be used over and over again when handled correctly.

Place the whistle at the tip of your tongue, jagged part direction palate. Keep it there until it is thoroughly soaked.

Now press the whistle gently with your tongue against your palate at the rear end of your teethes. With closed teethes try to say "shoe, shine, sh, sh" - that is the beginning of the bird sound.

After a little practice you will be able to imitate any birdcall or any tone soon.

In order to have fun with the whistle for a long time, please let it dry after use and keep it protected.
It is important that the membrane is not damaged.

Following some well-known birdcalls to practice:

Other animals can also be imitated as well as noises, below some examples:

Have a good whistle and lots of fun!